Compulsory English

Compulsory English Subject -Guidlines and Syllabus

Five Year Law Course


Five year Law – NLC-II Syllabus (New) And Environmental Studies 2019

NLC- II And  Env. Studies (Old)

NLC–III Sem V and VI (NEW)(2021)


IV NLC & Paper -III  Company Law

V NLC & GST Syllabi 2017

Three Year Law Course


LLB  Part II ( NEW)

LLB-II Paper -III  Company Law(Old )

LLB- III Sem V and Vi (NEW)(2021)

LLB-III & GST Syllabi 2017(OLD)

L.L.M. – Two Years

LL. M. -Part I  2019

 L.L.M. Part II 2020

Diploma in Cyber Law

CYber Law Syllabus

Diploma in Taxation Law

Taxation Law Syllabus


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